Program - practising Dutch

Schrijfsessie WIJ - Creative writing in Dutch

Are you a real music lover? Do you enjoy exploring different cultural styles of music? Have you ever thought about writing poetry or lyrics in Dutch? Then why not sign up for a 'WIJ' " writing session.
09 Oct
01.00 PM

Vitamine OK - Circus (for children aged 4 tot 10)

A whole variety of circus equipment is waiting for you here in our circus arena! Join us in the red-coloured space, where you can try out all the different types of circus equipment.
10 Oct

Lennaert Maes (vzw Wesp) - Wij

A concert with music from this part of the world and world music, featuring musicians from the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. Folk songs from here and around the world form the starting point for the performance.
Je begrijpt of spreekt nog niet veel Nederlands.Je begrijpt al een beetje Nederlands maar je spreekt het nog niet zo goed.Je begrijpt vrij veel Nederlands en kan ook iets vertellen.Je begrijpt veel Nederlands en spreekt het goed.
29 Mar
08.00 PM