Program - movie

film - Cleo

Cleo is trying to pick her life back up after a devastating car crash which kills her parents. She is raised with her brother by their grandmother and meets an older guy in a night club who seems to understand the struggle she is in.
29 Oct
08.00 PM

Familiefilm - Soul (5+)

Soul tells the story of the music teacher Joe Gardner, whose greatest dream is to become a professional jazz pianist. But he has never really enjoyed much success. Just when he gets the chance to make a breakthrough, he passes away. He struggles with all his might to return to earth.
Je begrijpt vrij veel Nederlands en kan ook iets vertellen.Je begrijpt veel Nederlands en spreekt het goed.
31 Oct
02.00 PM

film - Torpedo

a team of Belgian resistance fighters kidnap a German submarine during WWII to bring Uranium, needed for the Manhattan Project, from Belgian Kongo to New York.
19 Nov
08.00 PM

All of us - film

The story of a self-help group of 4 people with a terminal illness, led by a therapist without experience. In Dutch with Dutch subtitles
25 Feb
08.00 PM

Duelles - Film

When a sudden tragedy uproots the lives of two women and their families, they begin to question the relationships they once held so dear, in this psychological thriller from Olivier Masset-Depass
25 Mar
08.00 PM