100% Wolf (6+) - Ontbijtfilm

13 year-old Freddy Lupin is no ordinary teen. He comes from a highly respected family of werewolves and is expected to take over the pack after its leader, his late father, is killed. His extended werewolf family is also a pack of ‘do-gooder’ superhero hounds who help fight evil and crime in the local town at night, rather than savage the local population.

A great way to start your Sunday is to enjoy a hearty breakfast and a comic film! 
Breakfast is served at 9 o'clock. The films start at 10. Reservations are required for the breakfast. and are accepted until Monday 21 March. 


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GC de Zandloper, theaterzaal
Kaasmarkt 75
1780 Wemmel


  • Film + ontbijt kind (-12): 9 euro
  • kassa: 4 euro
  • voorverkoop: 3 euro