Kapitein Winokio - Chillen op je billen

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Help! Captain Winokio can no longer sit still.  

Ms de Poes and the crew have tried everything to help him: walking, flower arranging, shooting the breeze, pumping, fetching 2 buckets of water, nostril twitching and deep-sea diving. Nothing helps. So together they set out in search of peace and quiet.  

A journey brimming with jokes and surprisingly fun styles of music, to provide a highly relaxing experience. Bring your cuddly toy along, sit back and relax, because we're going to do some chilling out! 

The ‘Radio Winokio app has 10 songs for you to relax to. Start practising now, so you can sing along at the concert in the Zandloper.


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GC de Zandloper, theaterzaal
Kaasmarkt 75
1780 Wemmel


  • abo 6: 15 euro
  • abo 10: 14 euro
  • -12: 12 euro