Rudi Vranckx, Katarina Vermeulen, Wigbert, e.a. - Vriend of vijand

Bram Vermeulen was fascinated by the First World War and the war of attrition around Ypres. Not only the trenches, the bunkers, the infernal noise ... but also the peace and reconstruction process were Bram's main sources of inspiration when he wrote the theatre play ‘Mannen maken oorlog’ (Men make war). Commissioned by the In Flanders Fields Museum (Ypres), Bram recorded the CD 'Oorlog aan den oorlog' (War against war) in 2000. According to Bram, human beings cannot live without war and there can be no peace as long as there are people. Because of his fascination with the subject he treated war in a very special way. He shares his experiences, perceptions and views with us in magnificent songs and compositions.

If you want to sit next to each other during a performance, you can order all your tickets all in one go, to ensure the members of your bubble are sitting next to each other. The ticket system guarantees sufficient space between the different bubbles.


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GC de Zandloper, theaterzaal
Kaasmarkt 75
1780 Wemmel


  • kassa: 20 euro
  • voorverkoop: 18 euro
  • abo 6: 16 euro
  • abo 10: 14 euro
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