Gratis speel- en beleefdag - Jeugdactiedag XL (6-14 jaar)

Head for the Zandloper on 20 October to enjoy an exciting afternoon, which gets off to a start at 2 pm. Opportunities galore to play, explore and experience, all free of charge. Lots of workshops and side events will be available.

Action weaving
The spider succeeds in spinning a magnificent web, but it is not the only one doing that! Together we will create a huge canvas, using all kinds of coloured and recycled strings. As one ends, the other begins. Tie knots and mull it over until a genuine work of art begins to emerge!

Cheese and shoot
If you have always dreamed of being a movie star, why not have a go now? Strike a pose and walk through five different installations. Losing yourself in a storm of confetti, with15 monsters in the picture or biting like a vampire - no do's and don'ts!

All the fun of the circus
A circus ring full of circus material is waiting for you! We roll out the red ring, so you then can come and try out all kinds of circus skills.

Axe throwing
Axe throwing originated in Scandinavia and is even practiced at a professional level! But... we opt for a modern version of axe throwing, one that is completely safe and suitable for all ages. This new version of the game has a lot in common with throwing darts.

Nerf battle
Load the darts... Aim... Shoot! You and your team members will try to eliminate your opponents!

3D drawing
You will learn how to work with the ultra-safe '3Doodler Start' 3D pen. It may take some getting used to at first, but once you've mastered it, you'll soon achieve an impressive result.

Night lamp
If you have always wanted to make your own night lamp, this is the perfect opportunity! 3D printing, glue gun, jigsaw. If these terms sound like music to your ears, be sure to drop by and set to work!

VR game: Beat Saber
Come and discover virtual reality. Explore your VR skills against the backdrop of a rhythmic sword fight!

Robots and a maze... that's all it takes. Work together as a team to find your way through and be the first to finish!

Minisegways combines the fun of a hoverboard with the safety of a segway. You can't get better than that, we thought! Get the hang of the basic technique and enjoy a gentle tour.

Bungee trampoline
There is nothing to add to that, really! Fill your lungs with air, somersaulting to your heart's content... in short, fun guaranteed!

Spa Savoy, beauty & relax
During this wonderfully relaxing workshop, the Savoy Ladies' Clubs will introduce you to the world of wellness in a fun way. You will be the focus of attention, learn new things and have time to enjoy yourself. A review and a skin cleansing session will lead to the creation of your own face mask, using tasty ingredients from the kitchen. Put on your bathrobe and prepare to enjoy yourself.


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GC de Zandloper
Kaasmarkt 75
1780 Wemmel


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